The ORMM and OM/IE sites contain a variety of resources that can be used for organized classes or self instruction. This section provides an organization of the materials into subsets that lead to specific classes. The classes are not meant to be entirely web-based. Rather we provide links to site pages and other resources that can be used by professors to construct classes. We also include syllabi of classes that have been taught by the authors.

Some of the classes use references to the textbook Operations Research Models and Methods and supplementary material included on this site. It is difficult to provide all the background for the topics entirely on the web, so we generally assume that a reasonably complete textbook is available. Some of the syllabi refer to workbooks. The workbooks were compiled by the author to support in-class activities. They repeat the text and pictures on Power Point presentations, allow space for student notes, give in-class exercises, provide additional student problems and other supplementary materials. Professors interested in using these workbooks for organized classes should contact the author.

The pages of this section contain many links to materials stored at this site. Each link has a graphic that describes its purpose or format. The graphics are identified in the table below. The ORMM Textbook and text supplements must be purchased separately. The colored acorns (except green) link to pages on the site. The PowerPoint presentation, PDF document, Flash Document, Excel add-in and Excel data file links download files to your computer. The required players or programs must be available to use the files. It may be possible to setup your browser to automatically run the files after downloading. Note that Excel add-in files must installed manually.

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Topic Areas

Operations Research Models

Most operations research studies involve the construction of a mathematical model. The model is a collection of logical and mathematical relationships that represents aspects of the situation under study. Models describe important relationships between variables, include an objective function with which alternative solutions are evaluated, and constraints that restrict solutions to feasible values. For this topic we investigate the range of models that are available to the OR analyst.

Integer Programming
Integer programming is concerned with optimization problems in which some of the variables are required to take on discrete values. Rather than allow a variable to assume all real values in a given range, only predetermined discrete values within the range are permitted. In most cases, these values are the integers, giving rise to the name of this class of models. This topic links to resources that describe models, methods, computational methods and instructional materials.
Network Flow Programming
Situations arising from the fields of transportation, water resources, manufacturing and many others give rise to network flow models. A flow network is a collection of nodes and arcs. Each arc passes from one node to another and carries a commodity called flow. A requirement is that flow be conserved at each node. The optimization problem is to find the flow in each arc that minimizes the total cost of the flow in the network. The topic contains articles on modeling, finding solutions, and algorithms that solve specific network optimization problems.
Production Systems
The web site holds a variety of material for the modeling and analysis of production systems. Here we include a set of PowerPoint presentations for a course. The material supports the Process Flow add-in.

Engineering Economics
Here we include a set of PowerPoint presentations used in an Engineering Economics course. The page also lists add-ins that are relevant to the subject.

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Operations Research Models and Methods
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