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Operations Research Models and Methods
Operations Research Models

Optimization Resources

The ORMM text and this site describe several optimization methods of operations research by model type. We list below available resources for teaching topics related to optimization modeling. Where available, PowerPoint presentations are provided. Links are to other pages on this site.
The Operations Research Method

Chapter 1:Problem Solving with Operations Research

  • 1.1 The Problem Solving Process
  • 1.2 Problems, Models and Methods
  • 1.3 About the Book
  • 1.4 Exercises
  • Bibliography


PowerPoint: What is OR?

PowerPoint: OR Models Introduction
Linear Programming Models

Chapter 2: Linear Programming Models

  • 2.1 A Manufacturing Example
  • 2.2 Computational Considerations
  • 2.3 Terminology
  • 2.4 Solution Characteristics
  • 2.5 Solutions and Sensitivity Analysis
  • 2.6 Problem Classes
  • 2.7 Exercises
  • Bibliography

PowerPoint: LP Models 1

PowerPoint: LP Models 2

Chapter 2 Supplements

  • Chemical Processing
  • Additional Exercises
  • Equivalent Linear Programs



Linear Programming Models



Solving LP's with the Math Programming Add-in


LP/IP Solver Add-in

Excel Data

Linear Programming Model Examples

  • Examples from Chapter 2
Problems Linear Programming Modeling Problems
Network Flow Programming Models

Chapter 5: Network Flow Programming Models

  • 5.1 Classical Models
  • 5.2 Extensions of the Basic Models
  • 5.3 Linear Programming Model
  • 5.4 Minimum Cost Flow Problem
  • 5.6 Exercises
  • Bibliography

PowerPoint: Networks 1

PowerPoint: Networks 2

Network Flow Programming


Computation Solving Networks with the Math Programming Add-in
Computation Solving Transportation Models with the Math Programming Add-in


Network Solver Add-in

Excel Data

Network Model Examples

  • Examples from Chapter5
Problems Network Modeling Problems
Integer Programming Models

Chapter 7: Integer Programming Models

  • 7.1 Site Selection Example
  • 7.2 General Considerations
  • 7.3 System Design with Fixed Charges
  • 7.4 Facility Location Problem
  • 7.5 Covering and Partitioning Problems
  • 7.6 Distance Problems
  • 7.7 Examples
  • 7.8 Nonlinear Objective Function
  • 7.9 Exercises
  • Bibliography

PowerPoint: IP Models


Integer Programming Models


Computation Solving IP's with the Math Programming Add-in
Computation LP/IP Solver Add-in
Excel Data

Integer Programming Model Examples

Problems Integer Programming Modeling Problems
powerpoint PowerPoint: USPS Case
Nonlinear Programming

Chapter 9: Nonlinear Programming Models

  • 9.1 Manufacturing Example
  • 9.2 General Considerations
  • 9.3 Determining Convexity
  • 9.4 Applications
  • 9.5 Problem Classes
  • 9.6 Exercises
  • Bibliography


PowerPoint: NLP Models 1

PowerPoint: NLP Models 2

Nonlinear Programming Models

Computation Solving NLP's with the Math Programming Add-in
Computation Excel Solver Add-in
Excel Data

NLP Model Examples 1

NLP Model Examples 2

Problems Nonlinear Programming Modeling Problems
Dynamic Programming

Supplement Chapter 19: Dynamic Programming Models


Dynamic Programming Models


Dynamic Programming Models

Solving DP's with the Teach Dynamic Programming Add-in


  • The General Model
  • Special Cases
    • Knapsack Problem
    • Binary Knapsack Problem
    • Line Partitioning
    • Unbounded Knapsack Problem
    • Shortest Path on Grid
    • Shortest Path on Network
    • Sequencing
    • Traveling Salesman
Excel Data

Dynamic Programming Model Examples

Combinatorial Optimization


Optimize Add-in Instructions


Optimize Add-in
Excel Data

Optimize Demos


Combinatorics Add-in Instructions


Combinatorics Add-in
Excel Data

Combinatorics Demos

Other Applications

Applications of math programming and combinatorial methods can be found in several other sections of this site. A list of applications with links are shown below. We have not listed topics where optimization is provided by closed form expressions, such as in inventory theory, or where optimization is an inherent part of the model such as in decision analysis.



Process Flow Analysis Optimization Models

Facility Layout

Inventory System Optimization

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Operations Research Models and Methods
by Paul A. Jensen
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