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Operations Research Models and Methods
Models Section
Teach Nonlinear Programming Add-in

The Demo command presents a demonstration of the nonlinear programming solution process. Very little response is required of the student except to choose the features of the dialog. The demo begins with a dialog placed at the upper left corner of the window.


Clicking OK presents a dialog for choosing the dimensions of the variable vector.

The variables are placed on the worksheet with a button for the next step of the demonstration. Click that button to continue.

Next a dialog is presented for the function to be used in the demonstration. Choose the characteristics.

The requested function is placed on the worksheet with random coefficients.

Press the button to obtain a demonstration of the gradient search process. First select the optimization parameters.

Click OK to begin. The add-in presents a series a dialog and automatically builds the search process on the worksheet. The first three dialogs are below.


The process continues until the termination criteria are met. The final results of the search are presented at the end of the demonstration.



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Operations Research Models and Methods
by Paul A. Jensen
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