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Operations Research Models and Methods
Models Section
Teach OR Excel Add-ins

This section describes add-ins that are designed to teach some OR Methods. As can be seen from the list at the left, the add-ins concentrate on the Mathematical Programming algorithms. If you are unfamiliar with the use of add-ins please read the Add-in Basics discussion in the Computations section of the ORMM site.

Add-in dialog

The Teach OR add-ins are installed through the dialog of the Teach OR add-in. Simply click on buttons on the dialog to install and un-install add-ins.

See the section on Add-in Basics to see how to install the Add Teach add-in. See the section of Add OMIE to read more about this add-in.

To download Excel add-ins go to the Excel Download page by clicking on the icon below.

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Unit Add-in Basics

The programs described in this site, must be installed as add-ins for Microsoft Excel. This article explains how to install add-ins and what to do in case of trouble. We also show how to get access to the source code.
Unit Add Teach

When called, this add-in lists all the Teach OR add-ins that are in the same directory as the Add Teach add-in. Add-ins are installed and removed with a simple click of a button. The add-in also loads demonstration files that illustrate the add-ins. To use this feature these files must be stored in a the same directory as the add-ins. See the instructions for details.
Unit Teach Linear Programming

The add-in teaches three solution algorithms for linear programming, the Tableau Simplex method, the Revised Simplex method and the Interior Point method.
Unit Teach Transportation

This add-in is concerned with solving the Transportation problem with the primal simplex method. The program works on problems with up to 10 suppliers or demanders.
Unit Teach Network

This add-in considers the primal simplex method for network flow programming problems. Included are algorithms for the pure and the generalized minimum cost flow problems.
Unit Teach Integer Programming

Three methods for solving integer programming problems are shown: branch and bound, Gomory cuts and Benders' Algorithm.
Unit Teach Nonlinear Programming

This add-in demonstrates procedures used to solve unconstrained nonlinear programming problems. Two procedures are available, gradient search and conjugate gradient search. The convexity of the objective function at specified points is determined.
Unit Teach Dynamic Programming

The add-in provides a structure for the various model components for dynamic programming. The student provides the various components using Excel functions. The optimization algorithms use recursion and reaching to find optimum solutions.
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