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Operations Research Models and Methods
Models Section
Product Mix Problem
- Solving the Model with the Jensen LP/IP Solver

Linear Programming Models may be solved with either the Excel Solver or the Jensen LP/IP Solver. The latter is available if the LP/IP Solver add-in has been installed. The figure below shows the results when the Jensen Solver is used. The yellow area in column A holds information used by the Jensen Solver. Of course this is the same result obtained with the Excel Solver. The two procedures will find different solutions only if there are alternative optimum solutions.


Sensitivity Analysis

The Jensen Solver yields a more convenient sensitivity analysis format adapted particularly to the format of the LP model. The information shown is has a slightly different form than the Excel Solver sensitivity analysis, but the same values. Note that the range information is provided by the values at the limits, rather than the allowed increase and decrease from the current values.


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Operations Research Models and Methods
by Paul A. Jensen
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