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Operations Research Models and Methods
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- Restrictions and Costs on Nodes

Consider again the distribution situation that began this chapter. The manager learns that there is a problem with transshipments through Atlanta. The airport has instituted a fee for each unit transferred and limits transfers to 100 units per week. In addition, there is a spoilage of 10% of the units transferred.

The model of Fig. 2 does not allow this information to be included, because there is no way to identify on a single arc the flow that represents the amount transshipped. Restrictions can be placed on an arc, but not on the material passing through a node. We accomplish this modeling task by dividing the Atlanta node into two nodes as in Fig. 24 and adding an arc between. The flow that actually passes through Atlanta now flows on arc 17, and any information related to that flow is described by the parameters of the arc.

Figure 24. Including Node Information


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Operations Research Models and Methods
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