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Operations Research Models and Methods
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System with Defects

In some cases, a manufacturing process causes defects in the parts. Figures 12 and 13 show an Extend model. Manu1.mox on the CD, in which each of the three stations has a specified probability of introducing a defect into the part. Defects are not discovered, however, until the part encounters the inspection station at the end of the line. The inspection station finds all defects and discards them. Outputs are provided for both defective and defect free parts.

Figure 12 shows the part of the model representing the three manufacturing stations. The blocks in the Add Defects column use attributes to randomly add defects to parts that pass through.

Figure 12. Extend Model for a Three Station System with Defects

Figure 13 is the continuation of the model that discovers the defects in the inspection station and collects statistics. The figure also shows the plotter output that records the numbers of non-defective and defective parts as they occur throughout the 100-minute simulation. The Manu2 model, also on the CD, describes a similar system, but the simulation runs until a specified number of non-defective items are produced.

Figure 13. A continuation of the Manu1 model


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