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Operations Research Models and Methods
Models Section
Parallel Systems

A parallel system with two machines is shown in Fig. 6. A single queue serves both machines. When a machine completes a part, a new part moves from the queue, if it is not empty, to the machine. If the queue is empty when a machine completes its operation, the machine remains idle until another unit arrives. Both machines in Fig. 6 are shown with the same service rate, but the machines may have different parameters.

Figure 6. A Two-Machine Parallel System

The Extend model for the two parallel machine case is shown in Figure. 7.

Figure 7. Extend Model for the Two Machine Parallel System

The block at the far right is a Plotter block that collects statistics on the number of parts leaving each station and the number in the queue. The output of the plotter for a 250-minute run is shown in Figure 8.

Figure.8. Parts produced and parts waiting


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Operations Research Models and Methods
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