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 -Fixed Points

It is often true that department flow also passes to or from fixed points in the facility. For example, the facility probably includes one or more loading or shipping docks. Raw materials arrive at some docks while finished goods leave at others. Workers may travel between departments and fixed points within the facility, such as restrooms or tool cribs.

We have included five fixed points in the facility considered previously. The data for the fixed points appears to the right of the interdepartmental flow data. The x-proportion and y-proportion tell where the fixed point is located relative to the width and length of the facility. When the proportions are (0, 0), the point is at the upper-left corner of the facility. When the proportions are (1, 1), the point is at the lower-right corner of the facility. Proportions (0.5, 0.5) places the point in the center of the facility area. We have entered data for flows between departments and fixed points as below.


In diagrams showing the layout, the fixed points are shown as black dots.


The cost of flow to the fixed points is considered during the optimization. The solution for the example is shown below with the flow-cost lines superimposed.

  As many as 50 fixed points may be included in the facility.
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