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Add OMIE Add-in
The add-ins in the collection are divided into three sets: ORMM, Teach OR and OM/IE. Easy installation and removal of the add-ins are provided by three add-ins: Add ORMM, Add Teach and Add OMIE. These three also provide easy access to the demonstration workbooks for each collection.

The Add OMIE add-in allows the user to install and remove add-ins in the OM/IE collection without using the Add-in command of the Tools menu. With the add-in installed, OM_IE appears on the Excel menu as shown to the left. Selecting the Add OMIE item presents the dialog below. When the check box adjacent to a title is selected the add-in is installed. When a check is removed, the add-in is removed and the associated items on the OM_IE menu are deleted. If an entry on the list has a gray color, the associated add-in cannot be located.

omie dialog

The dialog shows all the OM/IE add-ins that are in the same folder or directory as the Add OMIE add-in. The Scan button causes a search of that directory.

To install the Add OMIE add-in, choose the Add-in command on the Tools menu. Browse to find the directory where the add-in is stored and double click on it. Once installed, the OM_IE menu remains on the main menu bar of Excel. This makes the entire OM/IE collection of add-ins immediately available. For more instructions on installing and using add-ins see the Using Add-inssection.

The Teach button on the dialog installs the Add Teach add-in for access to the add-ins in the Teach OR collection. The ORMM button installs the Add ORMM add-in for access to the add-ins in the ORMM collection.



  The Demos command button presents the dialog below. The buttons refer to Excel workbooks that demonstrate features of the add-ins. By clicking the buttons on this dialog one or more of these workbooks will be opened. This makes it easy for the student to review instructions while working with the examples on an active workbook. The workbooks are opened after the OMIE dialog is dismissed.
OMIE Demonstration Dialog
  To be available, the demonstration workbooks must be placed in a folder called demo_xls. The demo_xls folder must be placed in the same folder as the add-ins.

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