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Production Game

This workbook contains a game that involves the release of raw materials to a line with four production stages. The game is similar to the matches game played by the boy scouts in Goldratt's book The Goal. The purpose to illustrate the effect of statistical variability on the rate of production of the line and the build-up of WIP.

To run the game you must install the Jensen Simulation add-in (simulation.xla). Familiarity with the Simulation add-in is not required for the game, but it must be installed for the game to work. The game is an Excel workbook called production_game.xls. Open the workbook by double clicking the Excel file or using the Open command on the Excel file menu. Because the workbook contains VBA macros, you must respond affirmatively to Excel’s security warning about opening files with macros. Since VBA macros may contain viruses, be sure you obtain this file from a reliable source.

Click the Excel Download link on the left to download the Production game, and the Simulation add-in. The game is an Excel file and the Simulation add-in is a zip file. Before beginning, read the instructions for installing and using add-ins.

The matches game is described in the Simulationpages of the Models section or the ORMM site. The Excel file of the game has a description of the game and how to play it.

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