This site is devoted to quantitative procedures that are helpful for the design and operation of manufacturing systems. The section is divided into four main categories. The Design section includes procedures that can be used while designing a system including: Economics, Facility Layout and Process Flow Analysis. The Operation section includes procedures that are useful during the day-to-day operation of a system including: Inventory Theory and Material Requirements Planning. Both design and operations are considered in the Computations section where one finds instructions for Microsoft Excel add-ins that are available for download from the Excel Download page. The Problems section holds problems that illustrate the methods and that can be used for instruction.

The design subjects are often taught in an Industrial Engineering Program, while the operation subjects are often taught in an Operations Management Program, thus giving rise to the name of this site (OM/IE). The front page includes links to the Operations Research Models and Methods (ORMM) site. That site describes many more topics that relate to the more general area of Operations Research (OR). Some are useful for manufacturing system analysis.

The materials presented can be of value to students, faculty and practitioners. Students will find the tools to solve most analytical problems that are presented by familiar texts in OM, OR or IE. Faculty members will use the add-ins to construct interesting problems for use in classes. Practitioners may find the add-ins useful for small applications.


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Operation Management / Industrial Engineering
by Paul A. Jensen
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