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Operations Research Models and Methods
Problems Section
Problems for Queuing Models
 - Fill in the Blanks 1

Customers arrive to a finite queuing system with a mean time between arrivals of 6 minutes. There are three servers. The mean service time is 15 minutes. Interarrival and service times have exponential distributions. There are two spaces for customers to wait when all three servers are busy. Customers who arrive when the servers are all busy and both space are full, balk. Fill in the missing entries in the table below. You should be able to do this with simple arithmetic. It is not necessary to use the Queuing Excel add-in.

Arrival Rate when Empty
per hour
Service Rate/Channel
per hour
Mean Number in System
Mean Time in System
Mean Number in Queue
Mean Time in Queue
Prob. System Full


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Operations Research Models and Methods
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