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Operations Research Models and Methods
Problems Section
Problems for Queuing Models
 - Queue Types

For each situation given below show, give the Kendall notation, arrival rate, service rate, number of servers, maximum number in the system, and maximum number in the queue.

a. A professor supervises four Ph.D. students who all need quite a bit of advice. The students are quite similar regarding their habits. When a student visits a professor, the time to the next visit has an exponential distribution with a mean of 4 hours. The time for the professor to advise a student has a mean value of 1/2 hour. This time has an exponential distribution.

b. Calls arrive to a telephone switchboard at a rate of 40 per hour. There are two telephone operators who answer the calls and one holding line. A caller receives a busy signal when both operators are busy and a customer is waiting on the holding line. We assume that such a customer will balk. The time required for the operator to answer a caller has an exponential distribution with a mean of 2 minutes.


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Operations Research Models and Methods
by Paul A. Jensen
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