Excel Add-in Revisions


As add-ins are revised, dates and the purposes of the revisions are listed below. To check the version of the add-in that you are using, find the date of the add-in by choosing the Credits item on the submenu for the add-in. Add-ins that do not have a submenu, LP Solver and Net Solver, have an About Add-in button on the dialog for the add-in. Clicking this button reveals the version date.

If you find that you are using an older add-in than is available at this site, download the add-in. Add-ins are stored in the zip format, so you will have to un-zip the file. Once unzipped, replace any old add-ins of the same name. Otherwise, Excel may use the old version rather than the new.

The math programming related add-ins received major revisions. Math Programming (mp_models.xla), LP Solver (mp_methods.xla) and Net Solver (net_methods.xla) were all changed extensively. These three add-ins should be used together, because they will not work with older versions. Integer programming capabilities were added the two Solver programs. Minor changes were made to other add-ins.
The Demo add-in was revised to accommodate the new versions of the other add-ins. To upgrade the Demo, a number of small changes were made in the other add-ins. A major error was corrected in the Queuing simulation in the Queue add-in. The new Demo will only work with the Add-ins 2001 package.
The OR_MS add-in failed on PC's when a file was double clicked to open. The scan process was disabled on opening and this seemed to correct the problem. The Math Programming add-in ruined the objective function when variables were deleted on an LP or NLP model. The warning about activating the Excel Solver was deleted when the add-in was first loaded. Except for the Teach add-ins and Solver add-ins, the add-ins were modified to give an error message when there is no active workbook.

Some major changes regarding the menu structure are incorporated. The menu title for the add-ins has been changed to OR_MM (Operations Research Models and Methods). A new control add-in is used called Add ORMM (add_ormm). This item appears on the OR_MM menu rather than the tools menu. The add-ins now appear on the OR_MM menu in a specific order. If you use the new versions, download the whole set. The Math Programming modeling and solver add-ins specifically use the new format, so old versions and new versions should not be mixed. The documentation has not been adjusted to reflect these changes. The Teach add-ins have not been changed and still appear on the OR_MS menu. The documentation and Teach add-ins will be changed in the near future.

A few errors have been corrected in the Math Programming modeling add-in.

Minor revisions in Math Programming (mp_models.xla)
Removed the limits on the number of state variables for the Markov Chain and Markov Process add-ins. Made other changes.
Added the new Stochastic Processes add-in. Modified the Markov Chain, Markov Process, and Add-in Control add-ins to be compatible.
The stochastic processes add-in was renamed Stochastic Models. The program is upgraded from the 3/3/01 version. Versions of the Add-in Control, Markov Chain and Markov Processes were replaced with new versions. It is necessary to use the new versions with the new Stochastic Models add-in.

Additional improvements and corrections to the Stochastic Models add-in. Zipped a new version of the Jensen archive.

Additional improvements and corrections to the Stochastic Models add-in. Zipped a new version of the Jensen archive.
Corrections to Stochastic Models add-in.
Corrections to Stochastic Models add-in. Modified Random Variables add-in to work with the Stochastic Models add-in. Zipped a new version of the Jensen archive.
Replaced the Markov Chain and Markov Process add-ins with the new Stochastic Analysis add-in. The new add-in does all the analyses done with the replaced add-ins, plus a few more. It is improved in many ways. Also modified the OR_MM add-in, the Stochastic Models add-in and the Demo add-in to be compatible with the new Stochastic Analysis add-in.
Replaced the Queueing add-in. The new version approximates the steady-state performance of Non-Markovian queues, and adds models for queueing networks.
Replaced the Decision Analysis add-in. This is completely different than the earlier version. Also changed the OR_MM add-in to accommodate the new Decision Analysis add-in.
Made corrections and improvements to the Decision Analysis add-in. Added several different utility functions.

More corrections and improvements to the Decision Analysis add-in. Created a new version of Jensen.lib.

Modified the Demonstration add-in and the Decision Analysis add-ins to make them compatible. Both new versions must be used for a successful demonstration. Created a new version of Jensen.lib.
Modified the Stochastic Models add-in to provide more preprogrammed models. Modified Stochastic Methods add-in to correct errors.
Modified the Math Programming add-in to make it compatible with the Process add-in from the manufacturing add-ins. Also modified the Process add-in.
Made major changes in the queue simulation portion of the queueing add-in. Made corrections and improvements to the Stochastic Models and Stochastic Analysis add-ins.
Changes to the Queueing add-in to correct computation of P(Tq>t). Minor improvements to Stochastic Models and Analysis add-ins. New version of Jensen.Lib.