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Network Flow Programming

Solving the Problem


With the Excel Solver, clicking the Solve button on the worksheet loads the model into the Solver and initiates the solution algorithm. The optimum solution is placed in column D of the arc display.

With the Jensen Network Solver or the Jensen LP Solver option, clicking the Solve button causes the data to be read by the chosen program and the initiation of the solution algorithm. Again, the optimum values of the flow placed in column D. Both Jensen solvers can be used when all or some of the arcs are required to have integer flows.

The optimum solution obtained by the Solver is shown graphically in the figure below. The optimum plan has generators B and C providing all the power with the plant C at its maximum capacity. Generator A provides no power the optimum solution. Flows on the transmission lines are indicated on the arcs.

Optimum flows for power distribution problem, Z = 48,313.


Updated 1/16/01
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