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The Mathematical Programming Add-in constructs models that can be solved using the Solver Add-in or one of the solution add-ins provided in the collection. The Solver Add-in comes with Excel, and it can solve linear programming, integer programming and nonlinear programming models. Additional add-ins are available in this package to solve linear programming, network programming and transportation models.

When using the Excel Solver, both the Mathematical Programming and Solver Add-ins must be installed to model and solve problems. The Solver add-in is described in the Excel documentation. When using the one of the Jensen solvers, the appropriate solver add-in must be installed.

When the Math Programming add-in is installed, several new command lines are added to the OR_MS menu. The menu items in the figure below link to demonstrations of the add-in. Click an item to view the demonstration.

Selecting an item from this list causes a dialog box to be presented which constructs a mathematical programming model. Select one of the options in the left column of this page to get detailed instructions for specific forms of the model.

The Relink Buttons command is used when a model is opened on a computer different than the one on which it was created. The command deletes the buttons on a worksheet and creates new buttons linked to the add-ins on the new computer.

The LP Solver and Network Solver are separate add-ins that solve linear programming and network models created by the Math Programming add-in. Documentation for these programs can be reached from the Computation main page.

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