Problems for OR/MS

These problems pages provide a series of problems for instruction in operations research and management science. Problems are arranged by general categories such as Linear Programming, Network Flow Programming, etc. As the author generates problems for his courses or receives problems from other contributors, they will be added to these pages.

From time to time, links to answers will be provided for review by the students of the author's courses. These will be removed at the end of each offering so other students can enjoy the experience at solving the problems.

We also have a problems contest. See the instructions for the contest by clicking on the link to the Contest page.

Instruction on models and methods may be found by pressing the red and yellow colored regions on the top of the index page. Many of the problems can be numerically solved using the Excel add-ins created by the author. Instructions are found by clicking on the green region at the top of the index page. Exercises that are designed for in-class activities are reached through the orange area.

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