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OR Interactive
The materials in this site are arranged into five main categories: Models, Methods, Computation, Problems and Activities. Interactive pages are presented on html pages and can be viewed with a Internet browser. The Models section provides definitions and examples that illustrate the various model types. The Methods section describes the theory and algorithms with which models are solved. The Computations section has full documentation for the add-ins. The Problems section has additional problems for each model type, and the Activities section has interactive materials to aid in the learning process.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files. Download the free reader appropriate for your system from Adobe. You will need the Macromedia Flash player to view animations. Download the free player appropriate for your system from Macromedia.

Excel data files and add-ins can be used with Excel 97 or 2000 for the Windows operating system or Excel 98 or 2001 for the Macintosh operating system.
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Excel Add-Ins
These are Excel add-in files (.xla). Please see the instructions for loading add-ins in the Computation section of the OR Interactive site. Add-ins are not loaded in the same fashion as data files.
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Excel Demonstrations
These are Excel data files (.xls). There is a file for each add-in that shows one or more models constructed by the add-in.
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Excel Files
These are Excel data files (.xls). They have been prepared for the book Models and Methods of Operations Research. There is a data file for each subject considered.
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