Representative Reviews of Discussion of the Method
June, 2007

Dr. William A. Wulf, President, National Academy of Engineering has commented for attribution: “The best description of engineering that I have ever seen…and one of the most provocative hypotheses about science and nature that I have ever seen!”
Jon Schmidt remarkably accurate synopsis of the entire book as a one page editorial in the InFocus column of Structure Magazine for March.
A follow-up editorial in the May issue of Structure Magazine for May.
This is the Ottino review from Nature magazine. The file is huge (over 60MB) and you may not be able to download it.
This is a personal letter from a long time practicing engineer. I love the style. He really sounds like an engineer, doesn't he?
This is an article that appeared in a very widely distributed magazine for the practicing engineer. It is not really a review, but of some interest because it was one of the first references.
This review appeared in the German Edition of Technology Review (an MIT magazine). I had the article professionally translated because he seemed to have a dispute with my view. It sent me back to my books, but he ends saying “I love the book.”
This review contains within it the review by Mike Murphy that OUP has already quoted. Kloman is very, very famous in risk assessment. This review and the next one which is a different version of it, caused a huge jump on the English Amazon to 6,000. It has settled back a bit now, but the effect was really remarkable.
This review is identical to the one before but published in a private subscription form only. Mike Murphy was kind enough to send me a copy. I have heard from Dr. Kloman and he has have it quoted.
This is the original of the review by Mike Murphy as it appeared in Amazon Canada.
This is Dendy Sloan’s review in Chemical Engineering Education magazine. He is very well known among chemical engineers and in the engineering education community.
Dr. McKetta is one of the best known chemical engineers. He is the editor of the definitive Ch. E. encyclopedia, respected administrator, author, and professor.