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My core expertise lies in physical system modeling, simulation, and estimation and control. My research interests lie in helping advance principles and methods in these areas, and particularly in applying them to design new and innovative systems and devices, and to understand system behavior and performance in order to solve practical problems.

Research activity: I have some specific projects on which students may collaborate, but my approach has always centered around working with students to identify a research path and project that matches our mutual interests. For this reason, many students in our group often create a new path of inquiry for themselves. Look at list of past students and their projects.

Students currently in our group are listed below.

Some ongoing and past research activities and associated products can be found below:
Some images from past research activities and student projects:

activity: I teach courses in dynamic system modeling, bond graph methods, simulation, controls, and experimentation, and an applied course in vehicle system dynamics and controls.  In past years I have also taught courses in mechatronics, fluid mechanics, and vibrations.

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E-mail: r.longoria@mail.utexas.edu

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  1. Albert Espinoza, Stochastic Vehicle-Terrain Identification for Robotic Vehicle Control (pre-qual, PhD); currently teaching at Polytechnic Univ of Puerto Rico, Mechanical Engineering
  2. Mark Koeroghlian, Modeling and Simulation of Fighter Pilot Breathing Systems (pre-qual, PhD)
  3. John Maweu, Uncertainty in Design and Simulation using Interval Simulation and Zonotopic Kalman Filters (pre-qual, PhD)
  4. Suraj Pawar, Hiearchical control of Ventricular Support and Hardware-in-the-Loop Cardiovascular Simulation (pre-qual, PhD), Summer 2019-present
  5. Ethan Rapp, Design, Development and Control of a Hybrid Mock Circulatory Loop (PhD), (pre-qual, PhD)
  6. Natali Salas-Espana, Physics-Informed Learning of Robotic Box Pushing - tentative (MS), May 2020
Full list of graduated students | See this page for past students and project titles
This list of students will give an idea of the range of topics we have studied within my group.

Last updated August 2019