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Advertising Age
May, 1994
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HEADLINE: Wow, too much flutter

BYLINE: Edited by Patricia A. Riedman


"Our customers know stereos like nerds know computers," explains BBDO/Los Angeles CD Dave Lubars about his debut campaign for Pioneer Electronics' car division. With that in mind, a series of print ads created by Lubars, art director Steve Kimura and copywriter Steve Skibba tries to be humorously cynical and yet stand out from what Lubars describes as the "gonzo, whacked out ads that appear in magazines like RayGun." In one of the ads, shot by L.A. photographer Rocki Pederson, a pained-looking pooch is stretching its head out a moving car window next to a headline that reads, "With hearing five times better than ours, the reason they're always doing this probably has to do with the stereo."

The campaign's low-budget TV spot, directed by Meiert Avis through Windmill Lanes Production, Los Angeles, opens with '40s b&w stock footage of a car shaking wildly on that famous Tacoma bridge, Galloping Gertie. The quaking is traced to the music blaring from the car, as suddenly we see a hand fumbling for the CD player's Eject button, which restores the bridge to tranquility. The dazed slacker at the wheel (played by Chiat/Day/New York writer Bob Rice) simply shrugs and says, "Sorry."

Additional credits to art director Kirk Souder and writer Court Crandall.
Trivers/Myers Music, L.A. supplied the soundtrack.

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