Leo Graetz 1856-1941

 Leo Graetz was a German Physicist born at Breslau, Germany on September 26, 1856. He studied Mathematics and Physics at Breslau, Berlin and Strassburg. In 1881, he became the assistant to A. Kundt at Strassburg and in 1883 he went to the University of Munchen where he became a Professor in 1908 and occupied the Second Chair for Physics parallel to Roentgen.

 His scientific work was first concerned with the fields of heat conduction, radiation, friction and elasticity. After 1890, his work forcused upon problems of electromagnetic waves and cathode rays.

 Graetz was a prolific technical writer as evidenced by his twenty-three editions of book Electricity and Its Applications and a five volume work Handbook of Electricity and Magnetism. These works contributed to the wide dissemination of knowledge in electricity which, at their time of printing, was still in its infancy. He died in Munchen on November 12, 1941, at age 85.

Grigull, Sandner, Straud, Winkler. Origins of Dimensionless Groups of Heat and Mass Transfer. Lehrstuhl a Fuer Thermodynamik Technische Universitaet Muenchen. IHTC, Muenchen 1982.

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