Jean Claude Eugene Peclet 1793-1857

 A French physicist, born February 10, 1793, at Besancon, France, Jean Claude Eugene Peclet became one of the first scholars of the Ecole Normale at Paris (Gay-Lussac and Dulong being his teachers). He was elected professor at the College de Marseille in 1816, teaching physical sciences there until 1827. He returned to Paris when he was nominated Maitre de Conferences at the Ecole Normale and was elected Professor at the important Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures.

Peclet's publications were famous for their clarity of style, sharp-minded views and well performed experiments. His most famous book Traité de la Chaleur et de Ses Applications aux Arts et aux Manufactures (Paris 1829) was distributed world-wide and translated into German.

 He retired in 1852 to devote himself exclusively to teaching and continued lecturing until his death on December 6, 1857 in Paris.

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