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How do I open the presentations and other resources in the lessons?
Most resources are indicted by a colored box centered on the web page with an icon on the left. The title of the resource is in the box. Click on the icon to open a separate browser window. The window is smaller than the lesson page. The lesson may refer to it. Pages may contain various media such as QuickTime movies, Flash movies, and PDF documents. They may also open other web sites. Close windows when you are finished with them.
Why does the sound not play during a presentation movie?

The presentations were prepared in Keynote for the Apple Macintosh. For some presentations, narration was recorded and added later. Another reason for the sound not to play is that you do not have the latest QuickTime player. Download the free player from

Why does the narration in a presentation sometimes differ from the text on the presentation?

The narration is not intended to repeat the text. Rather it is meant to expand on the text.

At times the text and narration conflict. Unless there is an err, it may be that the text has changed, but I have been unable to correct the narration. It is not easy to change the narration because of the process used to construct the sound files. If there is conflict, trust the text rather than the spoken word. It is easier for me to change the text than the spoken words. In some cases a presentation slide may have no spoken words. This is usually because I have been unable to update the narration.

The QuickTime player sometimes provides a control bar at the bottom of the screen and sometimes not. How do I stop the movie if there is no bar?
  The control bar appears when there is narration. You can use it to start and stop the presentation and go to various places in the presentation. If there is no control bar, stop the presentation by clicking on the movie window. Double click to restart the movie. Click the reload button to start over.

Why does it take so long to play a movie?

  Especially when the movie has a narration, the presentations are big files. They may take a while to download. It is probably impractical to view the presentations unless you have high-speed internet connection. Be sure your browser allows streaming video.


Why doesn't the finger appear over an icon that opens a window?
  The command to open a window is not a direct link to the materials on the window, so no finger appears as the mouse passes over the icon. Many of the icons have tags that identify their purpose.

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