Engineering Finance
Last Three Weeks/Final Exam

During the final three weeks, the class will focus on learning how to use the features of the Project Management add-in. Some of the links below go to lessons on this site, while others go to instruction pages in the ORMM site. Class sections and homework assignments will use the add-ins for problem solving. The last homework assignment may be combined with the last class session.

Lesson Title
Project Management (Event 10, Homework 10)
    ORMM: Project Management
    ORMM: Data
    ORMM: Critical Path
    ORMM: Variable Activities
  Activity Schedules (Event 10, Homework 10)
    ORMM: Scheduling
    ORMM: Resources
    ORMM: Cash Flow
Activity Time Variability (Event 11/ Homework 11)
    ORMM: Uncertainty
    ORMM: Simulation
    ORMM: Update
  Final Exam

The final exam will be scheduled either in your discussion section room at various times during the final exam period or in a single room on the same day for every one. See the Syllabus link on the class website for the schedule. The final exam is comprehensive but will emphasis the material studied since the second exam. It will be open website and open textbook. You may use the class website, calculators available on the site, the Excel add-ins, the ORMM website, and the textbook during the entire exam. No other materials are allowed. In addition, you may not access the solutions to past homework assignments, events, or exams, or bring printed material with you. You may not open personal computer files during the exam except those related to the tools used for calculations.

You may not communicate with any other persons via the internet. When you are finished, be sure to upload the files used for the exam to the Canvas class website. You may not share computer files with other persons in the class. Contact your TA or Dr. Bard if you have any questions.

If you wish to review your final exam after the grades are posted, please see Dr. Bard no later than the first week of the semester following this class (spring for fall class and summer for spring class). After that time, the exams will be discarded.

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