Engineering Finance

We use a variety of resources on this site. The lesson pages link to the resources as needed, but on this page we list them by category. Click on a title to open a resource document. The documents open in separate windows.

The lessons use a number of presentations. These are slides prepared by the instructor, many with naration. They are published as quicktime movies and we use that icon for access. Click on the icon to see a list of presentations. The presentations can be opened from the list.
Flash Movies
Macromedia Flash Player
Interactive movies have been prepared in Flash. Click the icon to the left of a title to open a separate window. If the movie doesn't work, you probably need a more recent Flash Player.
Factor Calculator
Cash Flow Calculator
Project Calculator
Time Value of Money
Moving Money Around
Adobe PostScript Reader
PDF files are included on this site for supplementary materials.
Jensen Sites
These are links to the ORMM and OM/IE sites for materials used in this class.
Other Links
These are the problems listed below except they are presented in Frames rather than Flash. Click the icon at the left to open the index page.
These are problem sets and reviews supporting the lessons. They are presented in Flash documents. Neglect problems that refer to taxes, economic life and replacement. These were not studied in this offering.
Problem Sets
Simple Time Value of Money
Time Value of Money
Economic Decisions
Rate of Return
Comparison of Alternatives
Comparison Exercise 1
Comparison Exercise 2
Comparison by Rate of Return
Annual Worth and Present Worth


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Engineering Finance
by Paul A. Jensen
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