Meyers Research Group
Welcome to the Meyers Research Group at the University of Texas at Austin!
We are a part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and of the Materials Science & Engineering Programs at UT.
We conduct research on electrochemical energy systems, developing mathematical models and performing experiments to identify new materials, or to elucidate mechanisms that affect the performance and robustness of these devices.
Electrochemical systems provide a clean and efficient means of energy conversion and storage.  Chemical energy can be converted directly into electrical energy without combustion, allowing one to extract energy much more efficiently, and without combustion by-products.  They can also provide a unique means of energy storage to enable both increased portability and increased system-level efficiency through hybridization.
Energy is a critical challenge for our society to face in the years and decades to come.  We anticipate global growth in energy demand, even as supplies become less secure and society grapples with how to confront the challenges posed by greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.
We seek to help prepare society for that challenge by educating the next generation of engineers, by developing novel materials, and by cultivating the insights needed to guide the design and development of next-generation energy systems.
We’re establishing the collaborations and funding sources that are necessary to advance the state of electrochemical energy technology.  We produce scholarly work, but we strive to make our research timely and relevant to developers and hope to encourage industrial involvement and collaboration.
We are also looking for the best and brightest students to join our group, work on some interesting problems that will prepare them for exciting careers in research and development, and do so in Austin, Texas: a town that is truly a great place to live and work.
Whether you’re a prospective student, a potential collaborator, or just someone who is interested in learning more about electrochemical energy systems, please feel free to explore the site or to contact Dr. Meyers.
Check back frequently!  The site is still new, and material will be added as it becomes available.
  office phone: (512) 232-5276
  Dr. Meyers office: ETC 9.154
  Laboratory: ETC 9.166
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Office of Naval Research MURI on manufacturing of direct methanol fuel cells