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Richard R. Neptune, PhD John T. MacGuire Professor


University of Texas at Austin
Cockrell School of Engineering

204 E. Dean Keeton Street, Stop C2200

Austin, TX 78712-1591

Phone: (512) 471-0848
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Our lab's research interests are in the areas of musculoskeletal and sport biomechanics and neuromotor control of human movement. Our research integrates musculoskeletal modeling, computer simulation and experimental analysis techniques to analyze various patient populations including lower-limb amputees and those with post-stroke hemiparesis. Additional research is directed at optimizing orthotic and prosthetic designs to enhance performance using advanced additive manufacturing techniques. Research projects have been funded primarily by the VA, NSF and NIH.

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Agarwal, P., Neptune, R.R. and Deshpande, A.D. (2016). A simulation framework for virtual prototyping of robotic exoskeletons. ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering138(6): 0610004(1-15). Download PDF

Lopes, D.S., Neptune, R.R., Ambrósio, J.A., and Silva, M.T. (2016). A superellipsoid-plane model for simulating foot-ground contact during human gait. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 19(9): 954-963. Download PDF

Slowik, J.S., McNitt-Gray, J.L., Requejo, P.S., Mulroy, S.J. and Neptune, R.R. (2016). Compensatory strategies during manual wheelchair propulsion in response to weakness in individual muscle groups: a simulation study. Clinical Biomechanics 33(1):34-41. Download PDF

Clark, D.J., Neptune, R.R., Behrman, A.L. and Kautz, S.A. (2016). A locomotor adaptability task promotes intense and task-appropriate output from the paretic leg during walking. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 97(3): 493-496. Download PDF

Vistamehr, A., Kautz, S.A., Bowden, M.G. and Neptune, R.R. (2016). Correlations between measures of dynamic balance in individuals with post-stroke hemiparesis. Journal of Biomechanics 49(3): 369-400. Download PDF


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