The University of Texas at Austin
College of Engineering

Dr. Anne Silverman


PhD and MSE in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

BSE Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University

Curriculum Vitae

Current and future projects
My research focuses on the analysis of human movement with an emphasis on identifying muscle compensation strategies in pathological populations.  I also seek to understand the biomechanical consequences of using specific muscle compensations, and use this understanding to provide a quantitative basis for developing effective rehabilitation training programs.

Recent Publications

Fey, N.P., A.K. Silverman  and R.R. Neptune (2010). The influence of increasing steady-state walking speed on muscle activity in below-knee amputees.  Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 20(1):155-161.

Silverman, A. K., N.P. Fey, A. Portillo, J.G. Walden, G. Bosker and R.R. Neptune. (2008). Compensatory mechanisms in below-knee amputee gait in response to increasing steady-state walking speeds. Gait & Posture 28(4): 602-609.

Lachowitzer, M.R., A. Ranes and G.T. Yamaguchi (2007). Intrinsic musculotendon pathways and parameters within the human foot. Journal of Applied Biomechanics 23(1): 20:41.