Our research is focused on developing methods and computational tools for engineering design.  Our research emphasizes design for additive manufacturing; simulation-based design of complex products, materials, and systems; and design methodologies for supporting innovation, customization, and sustainability. Our work builds upon foundations in additive manufacturing, topology design, multiobjective/multilevel/multidisciplinary decision support and optimization, customization, innovation, and sustainability.

Ongoing projects include:


Design for Additive Manufacturing; Novel Materials and Structures

     Energy-absorbing structures/materials, Cellular (honeycomb) materials, deployable structures

     Sponsors: DARPA, ARO, UT Applied Research Laboratory


Empathic Design and Innovation

     Sponsor: National Science Foundation


Set-based, Multilevel/Multidisciplinary Design Exploration

     Sponsors: National Science Foundation, Schlumberger

Environmentally Conscious Design

     Sponsors: Advanced Manufacturing Center, UT McCombs School of Business, UT Center for Electromechanics, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, DARPA SMART Fellowship


Design of Flexible, Evolvable Products and Systems

     Sponsor: National Science Foundation


Predictive Process Control: Investigating Residual Stresses in Welding

     Sponsor: Los Alamos National Laboratory