Environmentally Conscious Design

Increased emphasis on the well-being of the environment for sustained health, quality of living, and wealth of resources is challenging corporations to innovate products that meet customer needs while minimizing their impact on the environment. We are investigating several aspects of environmentally conscious design. In preliminary work, we developed a set of guiding principles to minimize and eliminate environmental impact at all life cycle stages through efficient product function and architecture. In ongoing research, we are also deriving guiding principles from biologically-inspired products and systems. We are also modeling the impact of variability, particiularly with respect to consumer usage patterns, on environmentally conscious design decisions. In complementary work, we are developing system-level modeling and optimization techniques for sustainable off-grid habitations (such as remote military operating bases) and more fuel-efficient, all-electric ships.

Dr. Michael Webber, Dr. Thomas Kiehne

Peter Backlund, Ben Gully, Julia O'Rourke, Nathan Putnam, Cassandra Telenko



UT Advanced Manufacturing Center, McCombs School of Business, Center for Electromechanics, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, DOD SMART Fellowship

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