Various photos of Wilson Group activities in our lab spaces and on field trips.
Gallery of Wilson Group Activities
gas bearing sediment resonance spectrum
NRL gas bearing sediment experiments
custom-built tonplitz source
bubbly gel
CSS in SW06
SW06, R/V Knorr, sunset
SW06, deploying a vertical hydrophone array
R/V Knorr
bubble particle interaction experiment
new CSS at ARL
CSS chambers on deck
CSS under test
CSS bubble activity
Where they put me when I wont cooperate!
measurement of the directivity of tungara frogs in the campus frogs, canpus anechoci chamber
ultrasonics tank on campus
methane hydrates experiment at ARL
About to board Polar Sea for MITAS 2009
MITAS 2009 CTD Rosette
MITAS 2009 piston core ready to go
MITAS 2009 piston core in the Beaufort Sea
MITAS 2009 piston core operations with floe ice
science hut onboard Polar Sea, MITAS 2009
leaving the Polar Sea MITAS 2009
whaling memorial Barrow, AK
dusk in Barrow, AK
MITAS 2009
Northern lights during MITAS 2009