Revolved Section  


Creating a Revolved Section of the Rod Support.

The cutting plane passes perpendicularly through the desired feature, which is the footing base of the rod support. The plane pierces material only through the footing base, and does not pass through any of the two solid upright parts of the model. The result is a cross section of only the desired feature.

A Revolved Section Drawing of the Rod Support.

The cut section of the footing base has been revolved 90 degrees in the 3-D space of the solid model, and is shown superimposed on the front view. The rest of the drawing remains as standard orthographic projections (front, top, and right side views), complete with visible, hidden, and centerlines. In revolved section drawings, a cutting plane line is not used. Instead, a centerline indicates the axis of revolution. This centerline also indicates the symmetry associated with the revolved section.


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