Who We Are

The Society of Automotive, Aerospace, and Aeronautical Engineers (SAE) was founded in 1905 from the necessity of a free trade of ideas in the fledgling automobile and aviation industry.
Dr. Ronald Matthews has led efforts to develop the Longhorn Racing Design team since 1985, and now we have a growing Evolution Racing Design Team that aims to compete in Formula Electric.

The collective goal of UT SAE is the promotion of the design teams and increasing awareness
to enlighten students and individuals to learn more about automotive engineering.


Winter Break

We are on our Winter Break and look forward to the new year to dawn. Our design teams will keep up on working on components at some time in the break, but progress will be minute until members come back from holidays.

The SAE Webmaster will be making work on the site as a whole, so please do not worry if the website seems somewhat out of place sometimes.

December Newsletter

Recent News

December General Meeting

We had our December General Meeting on December 6, 2015. We had Cobb Manufacturing provide support for the design teams and insight on the work the firm has made on projects and various racing teams. We are grateful for being giving the opportunity to gather together and enjoy the time spent to inform us as aspiring students, especially in racing applications.

End of the Year Social

We had our second social at the Anna Hiss gym, where we became one with the court and had a ball with target practice. Regretably, there were not too many pictures taken at the social, but even new members enjoyed coming to social as a whole.

Design Teams

Formula Racing

0-60 in 3 seconds? Yes, please!

Every May, teams from over 130 universities worldwide converge in Detroit, the automotive capital of the world, to compete in a prestigious engineering competition entitled Formula SAE (FSAE). The program gives students the opportunity to design and build a small, formula-style racecar and compete head-to-head in a three-day, multiple-event competition. Professional engineers judge the car's performance, cost, design, preparation, and safety, awarding overall and categorical prizes to the best teams.

Longhorn FSAE team is comprised of students from various fields who dedicate their time to the completion of the project. The team is primarily funded through the donations made by our corporate partners. We are constantly looking for new members to help maintain and carry on the tradition of the Longhorn FSAE team. If you are interested in helping us complete our goal through sponsorship or by joining the team please go to the link below to learn more: