Who We Represent

We are a collective team of students, professors, and engineers who work together on various agenda. Most of us are involved with the design teams, but several members are those who are passionate about the automotive sector.

Our Faculty Adviser

Dr. Ron Matthews

Dr. Ron Matthews is our esteemed faculty adviser. He received his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at UT & his Master's and Doctorate at the University of California at Berkeley. He was a faculty advisor at the University of Illinois and noticed the active student involvement for engineering and competitions.
He started the UT Society of Automotive Engineers Student Branch (UT SAE) in 1980 when he was hired as a faculty member. He wanted to lead students who held automotive aspirations. The organization was founded only two months prior to the involvement in the Formula Competition at Indianapolis, where the group of students were restricted to certain engine types.
Following a series of years where the UT SAE branch became involved with the Baja races and worked with teams like UT Arlington, the student organization became directly involved with the FSAE design series and various ventures over the course of the three decades since its founding. Dr. Matthews has led engine development with Jeff Gensler and has multiple courses, especially the first Racecar Engineering Course ever offered at UT. He continues to being a positive influence for students and has directed many opportunities for those who are interested in learning about the automotive sector.


President: Oscar Lopez, II

Oscar is a senior Mechanical Engineering Major from Laredo, TX. In addition to being UT SAE President, Oscar is the Chief of Maintenance / Validation for FSAE Longhorn Racing. He is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting, fishing, and most other outdoor sports.

Vice-President: Matthew Richardson

Matthew is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student minoring in Business and Computational Science & Engineering. He is the Vice President of SAE and a member of Longhorn Racing and is a passionate auto-racing fan who competes in triathlons outside of school.


Treasurer: Sam Matthews

Sam is a sophomore in the mechanical engineering major from Pflugerville, TX. In addition to serving as Treasurer for UT SAE, Sam is a Chassis Engineer for FSAE Longhorn Racing. He also enjoys camping, astronomy, and cooking.

Events Coordinator: Vaishunavi Kalore

Vaishu is a second-year Biomedical Engineering major from Houston, TX. Aside from her duties as Event Coordinator for UT SAE, she is the Drivetrain Lead for Longhorn Racing (UT FSAE). In her free time, she enjoys swimming and hiking.

Historian: Ron Chadwick

Ron is a junior in the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Texas. Aside from being the Historian for UT SAE, Ron also is a member of the Suspension Team for Longhorn Racing and is currently starting undergraduate research in combustion engines for Dr. Ron Matthews.

Public Relations: Saket Kumar

Saket is the PR Manager for UT SAE and is a sophomore Aerospace Engineer from San Antonio, TX. He is a hardworking team member on the Maintenance sub team of Longhorn Racing. Saket is a nice guy who enjoys playing sports, especially racquetball, with his friends. His dream car is the Jaguar F-Type.

SEC Representatives

Joe Zaghrini


Kyle Hillman


Austin Dillon

Austin is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Petroleum Engineering and Business Administration.