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Jonathan F. Bard

Jonathan Bard is a professor of Operations Research & Industrial Engineering in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas. He holds the Industrial Properties Corporation Endowed Faculty Fellowship, serves as the Associate Director for the Center for the Management of Operations Logistics, and as the Assistant Graduate Advisor for the Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program. He received a D.Sc. in Operations Research from the George Washington University, an M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University, and a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. At The University of Texas, Dr. Bard teaches courses in mathematical modeling, production planning and control, optimization theory, and project management. His research centers on (1) the development of efficient algorithms for problems related to airline operations, vehicle routing, and machine scheduling; (2) the design and analysis of manufacturing systems; (3) the use of decomposition techniques to solve large-scale hierarchical planning problems; and (4) multicriteria decision making applied to socio-economic systems. Prior to beginning his academic career, he worked as a program manager for the Aerospace Corporation and as a systems engineer for Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He is an internationally recognized expert on bilevel programming and postal operations, and is an active consultant for a number of government agencies and U.S. corporations. Dr. Bard is the founding editor of IIE Transactions on Operations Engineering and currently serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Production Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Journal of the Operational Research Society and Computers & Operations Research. He is a fellow of INFORMS and IIE, and a senior member of IEEE, and has held several offices in each of these organizations. Dr. Bard's research has been published in the leading technical journals and has won numerous honors and awards. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.

Selected Publications
  1. J.F. Bard, G. Kontoravdis and G. Yu, "A Branch-and-Cut Procedure for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows", Transportation Science, Vol. 36, (2002), 2, pp. 250-269
  2. J.F. Bard and A.I. Jarrah, "Large-Scale Constrained Clustering for Rationalizing Pickup and Delivery Operations", Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 43, (2009), 5, pp. 542-561
  3. J.F. Bard and N. Nananukul, "The Production-Inventory-Distribution-Routing Problem", Journal of Scheduling, Vol. 12, (2009), 3, pp. 257-280
  4. J.F. Bard, S. Rojanasoonthon, "A Branch & Price Algorithm for Parallel machine Scheduling with Time Windows and Job Priorities", Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 53, (2006), 1, pp. 24-44
  5. Y. Shao, J.F. Bard, A.I. Jarrah, "The Therapist Routing and Scheduling Problem", IIE Transactions on Operations Engineering & Analysi, Vol. 44, (2012), 11, pp. 868-893
Most Recent Publications
  1. D.J. Morrice, J.F. Bard, K.M. Koenig (2020). Designing and Scheduling a Multi-provider Integrated Practice Unit for Patient-Centered Care. Health Systems 9(4), 293-316.
  2. F. Kiermaier, M. Frey and J.F. Bard (2020). The Flexible Break Assignment Problem for Large Tour Scheduling Problems with an Application to Airport Ground Handlers. Journal of Scheduling 23(2), 177-209.
  3. S. McRae, J.O. Brunner and J.F. Bard (2019). Analyzing Economies of Scale and Scope in Hospitals by use of Case Mix Planning. Health Care Management Science 23(1), 80-101.
  4. S. Jia, D.J. Morrice and J.F. Bard (2019). A Performance Analysis of Dispatch Rules for Semiconductor Assembly & Test Operations. Journal of Simulation 13(3), 163-180.
  5. Y. Hur, J.F. Bard, R. Chacon (2019). Hierarchy Machine Setup for Multi-pass lot Scheduling at Semiconductor Assembly and Test Facilities. International Journal of Production Research 57(14), 4351-4370.
  6. P. Zhang, J.F. Bard, D.J. Morrice and K.M. Koenig (2019). Extended Open Shop Scheduling with Resource Constraints: Appointment Scheduling for Integrated Practice Units. IISE Transactions on Engineering & Analytics 51(10), 1037-1060.
  7. Y. Hur, J.F. Bard, M. Frey and F. Kiermaier (2019). A Stochastic Optimization Approach to Shift and Break Scheduling for Airport Workers. Computers & Operations Research 107, 127-139.
  8. R.Z. Rios-Mercado and J.F. Bard (2019). An Exact Algorithm for Designing Optimal Districts in the Recycling of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment through an Improved Reformulation. European Journal of Operational Research 276(1), 259-271.


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