close up of machine testing materials

The Advanced Materials Science and Engineering research area in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering includes significant efforts in clean energy materials, optical and photonic materials, and structural materials. We are also pursuing advances in materials for energy storage and production (rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, solar materials, and thermoelectric), optoelectronic devices for cellular biology and tissue engineering, aircraft materials that resist icing, and flexible electronics.

Research spans design, synthesis and processing, characterization, and testing of materials. Approaches to improving materials include modification of the composition, size (nanomaterials), atomic structure, microstructure and phases control.


Core Courses and Electives in Advanced Materials Engineering Certificate Program

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Area Faculty

Vaibhav Bahadur

David Bourell

Michael Cullinan

Donglei Fan

John Goodenough

Desiderio Kovar

Yuanyue Liu

Filippo Mangolini

Arumugam Manthiram

Raymond Orbach

Carolyn Seepersad

Li Shi

S.V. Sreenivasan

Eric Taleff

Mehran Tehrani

Guihua Yu

Yuebing Zheng

Jianshi Zhou