You already know our department is among the best in the United States. Now, here are four reasons why you should join mechanical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. You’ll get to:

Make Things

Textbooks and lectures are a given, but here in mechanical engineering, we kick things up a notch. You’ll learn all the fundamentals of engineering, and you’ll get to do it through hands-on projects.

Inside Texas Inventionworks, students use the latest equipment, including 3-D printers and scanners, laser and plasma cutters and hand tools, to build prototypes for class projects, student organizations and just for fun.

Add in initiatives like our Freshman Introduction to Research in Engineering program and opportunities to learn in faculty-led research labs (yes, undergraduate students conduct research, too) — and you can be sure you’ll be learning both inside and outside of the classroom, taking your theoretical ideas and testing them in real-world applications.

Think Big

Our award-winning faculty members have invented world-changing technologies like the first 3-D printing process and the lithium-ion battery. Robotics, clean energy technology and nano-engineering — it’s all here for you to discover. And when you join mechanical engineering at UT Austin, you’ll learn from and work alongside some of the best minds in the field.

They’ll teach you how to think critically, work collaboratively and create life-changing solutions that impact society. You’ll graduate with a broad engineering education that sets you up for success. So it should be no surprise that our community is made of more than engineers — they’re game-changers who lead the way in industry, research and entrepreneurship.

Do Good

Mechanical engineers design many of the coolest gadgets and gizmos — from race cars to nanomotors — but in the Cockrell School of Engineering, we don’t stop there. Our innovations help people and improve quality of life all over the world.

Engineers in our department have created rehabilitation robots, advanced shock-absorbing structures for helmets and custom 3-D-printed prosthetics for veterans.

The groundbreaking engineering solutions you’ll develop — in the lab, in peer groups and individually — will lead to transformative technologies and approaches that will advance society. After all, what starts here changes the world.

Enjoy Austin

It’s a special bonus that we’re in the heart of Austin, Texas, one of the fastest-growing and most entrepreneurial and exciting cities in America. Consistently ranked in the top of best-city lists, Austin is now home to an ever-increasing number of successful startup companies and continues to be one of the most innovative cities. The sunny, temperate climate doesn’t hurt either.

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, our many student groups, teams and collaborative spaces will provide you with opportunities to develop friendships and work together with peers. You’ll also get to meet and gain insight from alumni and industry partners at department events (you’ll love our annual tailgate). No matter your interests, we’re a community you can count on.






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