Guidelines for Credit Transfer towards a Graduate Degree

The Graduate School policy on credit transfer can be found at: In compliance with the graduate school policy, the ME Department guidelines for graduate credit transfer are as follows.

For MS degree:

A maximum of six semester hours of graduate coursework in which the grade is A or B may be transferred to the Program of Work from another institution, but only on the basis of a petition by the Graduate Studies Committee and with the approval of the graduate dean. Detailed requirements for transfer of credit for MS degree can be found at: 

For PhD with a Master’s degree:

The doctoral Program of Work normally includes no more than six semester hours of courses transferred from another university. The Graduate School recognizes that the academic background of each doctoral student is different, and exceptions to the six-hour maximum may be granted with approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.

Department of Mechanical Engineering does not allow course transfer towards PhD degree, unless the student transfers with his/her supervisor, in which case more than six hours of credits may be transferred with the approval of the GSC through a GSC vote. If such a student petitions no more than six credits, a GSC vote is not needed.

For Direct PhD degree:

If the student is a direct PhD student, the rule is to be compatible with course transfer for the MS degree, which allows six credits transferred from another institution. A petition needs to be submitted and approved by the GSC Chair.