Seeking Associate Consultants - Chartwell Consulting

Chartwell Consulting is currently recruiting for an Assistant Consultant position. Information sessions will take place on Sept 8th & 13th. 

Chartwell Consulting specializes in delivering large improvements in operational performance within manufacturing organizations. For an associate consultant, this could mean solving technical problems in a pharmaceutical production process to increase the output of a drug in global short supply or running trials to drive up yield in a chocolate factory.

Travelling each week from one of our four home offices to client sites across Europe, North America and Asia, our teams have worked across a huge range of industries:

· COVID-19 testing kits
· Anti-cancer pharmaceuticals
· High performance polymers
· Almond roasting
· Silica
· Protective fabrics
· Armored cars
· Heavy chemicals
· Ocular Implants
· Coffee
· Medical Packaging

We look for candidates with a strong scientific or engineering background, who are also passionate about understanding how things work and making them better. We care strongly about developing our consultants as fast as possible; following a short training program you will immediately be given your own client team and workstream to lead, making a real impact within weeks of starting.

If you’re interested in the position, please apply via our application portal and attend one of our upcoming information sessions on October 5th and 6th. 

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