Career Gateway Electives

The ME curriculum includes 12 credit hours of Career Gateway Electives (CGEs) which give students the flexibility to tailor their upper-division academic program to meet a variety of career goals, while ensuring that they graduate with a robust grounding in one or more selected technical or specialty areas.  The CGEs are arranged into tracks, each of which has designated courses. Technical tracks are designed to provide more focus in a selected technical area than is provided in the core curriculum alone. Specialty tracks are designed for those students whose career interests extend beyond mechanical engineering.

  • Students must select a technical or specialty track; each track specifies a unique sequence of courses that will prepare them for identified career options or for advanced graduate study.
  • Students may select up to two technical tracks.
  • CGEs listed within the selected track(s) will be automatically approved.
  • Before selecting a technical track(s), students are highly encouraged to meet with a faculty mentor for that track(s) to discuss their choice.  Students who are unsure about a choice of track are encouraged to discuss their options with the faculty undergraduate advisor and track mentors.
  • Students can begin taking CGEs only once their track choice has been documented by the undergraduate office. Tracks must be selected by the end of the sophomore year but may be selected earlier.
  • Tracks can be changed at any time, but changes require approval from the undergraduate office.
  • Students who complete all 12 credit hours of their CGEs within one technical track will receive a credential in that track. Students are encouraged to display a credential on their resume/CV or graduate/professional school application.
  • Rather than select one of the pre-approved technical or specialty tracks, students may choose to create their own custom track.  In this case, students will be required to prepare a written one-page document that explains how each of the courses they have selected will provide them with a solid preparation for their career choice.  Students will then meet with the faculty undergraduate advisor to explain their choices.  The faculty undergraduate advisor must pre-approve all custom-designed tracks for CGE credit.

Students must pick one of the 3 track categories below:

Technical Tracks
Specialty Tracks
  1. Health Professions
  2. Career Military*
  3. Plan II Program*
  4. Pre-Law
  5. UT Austin Bridging Disciplines Programs*
  6. STEM Education/UTeach Program*

Students must pick one specialty track. *Some tracks require special application/admission.

Custom Tracks

Students must write a one-page proposal and meet with the faculty undergraduate advisor for pre-approval of CGEs within a custom-designed track.

To obtain the Career Gateway Elective Form, visit the undergraduate advising office in ETC 2.146.