Sponsoring a project allows companies and organizations to:

  • Team up with our top ranked engineering department and students
  • Develop partnerships with key faculty with potential for larger future collaborations
  • Expand visibility and esteem of your organization across campus
  • Gain insights into your challenges from new perspectives, with nominal outlay

By becoming a senior design project sponsor, organizations benefit from having a team of three to four senior students examine their engineering problem. Projects that you may not currently have the time or facilities to pursue become the top priority of a team of engineering design students. Project work includes problem definition, patent searches, alternative designs, design solution, cost analyses, and more.

The cost of sponsorship includes a $5,000 subvention fee, plus any extraordinary expenses. 

The project submission form should be completed online and the legal agreement is available in PDF format. The legal agreement (pg 1-3), and optional included IP (intellectual property) assignment document (pg 4-5), should be submitted to program staff prior to project commencement. These documents may not be changed in any way, under any circumstances. If sponsor wishes to secure the assignment of IP rights from students based on their work on the project, it is sponsor's responsibility to initiate this by providing the signed IP document to program staff. Program staff will obtain student and faculty signatures and return documents to sponsor shortly after the semester begins.

Timeline and Sample Projects
Senior Design Projects Capstone Program Flyer
Legal Agreement

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