H. Lee Norris

Mechanical Engineering Hall of Fame, 2020
BSME, The University of Texas at Austin, 1970
MSME, Stanford University, 1971
PhD, Stanford University, 1975

Lee Norris is currently quasi-retired, a founder of a start-up attempting to commercialize liquid assisted gas lift in both oil and gas wells, and sort-of employed by the consultancy, Precise Engineering. The four years previously, he worked at Schlumberger as a result of the Schlumberger acquisition of the SPT Group. At SPT, for sixteen years, he performed flow assurance analyses and transient multiphase simulations for wellbores, flowlines, and pipelines, and assisted in the development of the transient multiphase program, OLGA. Prior to SPT, Lee worked for two decades at Exxon Production Research where he performed the design of production facilities and pipelines, along with fundamental research in multiphase flow. Lee has PhD and Master’s degrees from Stanford University (1975 and 1971) and a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin (1970), all degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He is blessed with a very patient wife, Linda, a grown daughter, Sarah, and two incredibly cute granddaughters. He is a bad guitar player, an avid, if not particularly talented, distance runner, and the driver of an increasingly vintage Miata.