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David L. Bourell

Dr. David Bourell is Professor of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) at The University of Texas at Austin. He is currently the Temple Foundation Professor.

Dr. Bourell received his Bachelor's degree in ME from Texas A&M University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in MS&E from Stanford University. Dr. Bourell's areas of research include particulate processing with emphasis on sintering kinetics and densification, and materials issues associated with Laser Sintering (LS), a popular additive manufacturing process. Professor Bourell is a leading expert in advanced materials for Laser Sintering, having worked in this area since 1988. He holds 14 patents dealing with materials innovations in LS. He was the lead author on the original materials patent for LS technology. Issuing in 1990, this patent has been cited by 288 other patents, and it represents the original intellectual property for mixed and coated powders for LS, including binders. He has edited or published over 280 books, book chapters, journal articles and conference proceedings. He was the 2017 recipient of the Albert Sargent Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the 2009 recipient of the TMS/MPMD Outstanding Scientist/Engineer Award. He was the 2012 recipient of the Cockrell School of Engineering Joe J. King Professional Engineering Achievement Award. Professor Bourell received a Japan Society for Promotion of Science Fellowship in 2006. He was the 1999 recipient of the UT College of Engineering Lockheed Martin Award for Excellence in Engineering Teaching. This award is given annually to one faculty member in the College to recognize outstanding teaching. He was elected Fellow of ASM International in 1997 and Fellow of TMS in 2011. In 1991, he was the recipient of a prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship to the Max Planck Institute Powder Metallurgy Research Lab in Stuttgart, Germany. He won the ASM International Bradley Stoughton Award for Outstanding Young Teachers of Metallurgy in 1986. He is internationally recognized in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and is chair of the Organizing Committee of the Annual Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) Symposium, the leading research conference in the world on this subject. In 2011, he received the International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Excellence (FAME) Award, given annually to an outstanding AM researcher worldwide.

He serves on several technical and administrative committees of TMS, including the Powder Metallurgy Committee and Professional Registration Committee. He currently is a member of the Board of Directors for TMS. He is a registered Professional Engineer (Texas). He is a founding member of the ASTM F42 Technical Committee on Additive Manufacturing and currently serves on the ten-member ASTM/ISO Joint Group 51 on Terminology for AM.

Most Recent Publications
  1. Eleonora Ferraris, Jef Vleugels, Y.Guo, David Bourell, Jean Pierre Kruth, Bert Lauwers, “Shaping of engineering ceramics by electro, chemical and physical processes”, CIRP Annals 65(2) 2016, pp. 761–784.
  2. David Bourell, Jean Pierre Kruth, Ming Leu, Gideon Levy, David Rosen, Allison Beese, Adam Clare, “Materials for Additive Manufacturing”, CIRP Annals Vol. 2, 66 (Aug. 2017) pp. 657-80.
  3. David Bourell, Jeremiah Coholich, Antoine Chalancon, Abhimanyu Bhat, “Evaluation of energy density measures and validation for powder bed fusion of polyamide”, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology Vol. 1, 66 (Aug. 2017), pp. 217-220.
  4. Michael Schmidt, Marion Merklein, David Bourell, Dimitri Dimitrov, Tino Hausotte, Konrad Wegener, Ludger Overmeyer, Frank Vollertsen, Gideon N. Levi, “Laser based additive manufacturing in industry and academia”, CIRP Annals Vol. 2, 66 (Aug. 2017) pp. 561-84.
  5. R. K. Leach, D. Bourell, S. Carmignato, A. Donmez, N. Senin, W. Dewulf, “Geometrical metrology for metal additive manufacturing”, CIRP Annals Vol. 2, 68 (2019) pp. 677-700. DOI: 10.1016/j.cirp.2019.05.004
  6. D.L. Bourell and D.K. Leigh, “Improving Property Consistency and Reliability for Polyamide Processed using Powder Bed Fusion”, CIRP Procedia 94 (2020) 144-148.
  7. D.L. Bourell and T. Wohlers, “Introduction to Additive Manufacturing”, ASM Handbook, Volume 24, Additive Manufacturing Processes, D. Bourell, W. Frazier, H. Kuhn, M. Seifi, editors, ASM International, Materials Park OH, 2020, pp. 3-10.
  8. D.L. Bourell, J.J. Beaman and T. Wohlers, “History of Additive Manufacturing”, ASM Handbook, Volume 24, Additive Manufacturing Processes, D. Bourell, W. Frazier, H. Kuhn, M. Seifi, editors, ASM International, Materials Park OH, 2020, pp. 11-18.
  9. D.K. Leigh and D.L. Bourell, “Powder Bed Fusion of Polymers”, ASM Handbook, Volume 24, Additive Manufacturing Processes, D. Bourell, W. Frazier, H. Kuhn, M. Seifi, editors, ASM International, Materials Park OH, 2020, pp. 52-57.
  10. Michael Schmidt, Narendra B. Dahotre, David Bourell, Ehsan Toyserkani, “Laser-based additive manufacturing: Processes and materials” Optics and Laser Technology, v. 139, July 2021, p. 106999.


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