Acoustics is an interdisciplinary area of teaching and research. It includes basic acoustical wave theory, ultrasonics, underwater sound, transducers, nonlinear acoustics, noise and noise control, and environmental acoustics. The program remains concentrated in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, but several other departments — mainly Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering, and Physics — have faculty and students who participate. Read more »

Biomechanical Engineering

Biomechanical Engineering is a major technical area within the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Research in this area includes musculoskeletal system and anthropometics, analysis and simulation of human movement, neuromuscular control mechanisms, computer graphics modeling in biomechanics and experimental techniques in biomechanics. Read more »

Dynamic Systems and Control

Dynamic Systems and Control focuses on principles and methods for designing and controlling engineered and natural systems. A broad-based perspective inspires a creative engineering approach to applications involving systems comprised of multiple interacting energetic devices or processes having a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Graduates from this program may be found in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as in national research laboratories and start-up industries. Read more »

Manufacturing and Design

Manufacturing and Design utilizes modern analytical tools to design structures and systems associated with power plants, manufacturing machines, transport vehicles, robots, space stations, recycling, hazardous-waste management, military hardware, prosthetic devices, and even toys for children. Today's manufacturing processes utilize precision machine systems, including freeform fabrication with selective laser sintering, a process invented in this Department that enables computer-guided production of any three-dimensional object directly from a design database. Read more »

Materials Engineering

The Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering offers both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Materials Engineering, which encompasses materials development, characterization, processing, and structure-property-performance relationships. Areas of study include ceramics, physical metallurgy, mechanical behavior, fuel cells, high-energy density batteries, new materials development, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, and microelectronics packaging. Read more »

Nuclear and Radiation Engineering

Throughout its long history, the nuclear program has had a commitment to educating the brightest students in the United States and abroad — a commitment which grows stronger now as the program expands to encompass health physics, radiation engineering, research reactor beam port experiments, radioactive waste management and reactor and computational nuclear engineering. Read more »

Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

Operations research is a mathematical science concerned with optimal decision making and the modeling of deterministic and probabilistic systems. Its focus and field of application are interdisciplinary, embracing a broad range of quantitative techniques. Industrial engineering is concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of personnel, material, and equipment. Together, operations research and industrial engineering provide a rational approach to engineering and managerial problem solving through deliberate application of scientific methods. Read more »

Thermal/Fluids Systems

Research within this area comprises energy management and conservation, numerical simulation of turbulence, viscous and hypersonic flow, laser measurement techniques, electronics cooling, interfacial heat and mass transport, liquid metal magnetohydrodynamics, thermal analysis of manufacturing processes, solar radiation measurement, solar energy applications, micro and nano-scale thermal/fluid transport and systems, thermal/fluid issues in laser material processing, thermal aspects of laser interaction with biological tissues, and energy conversion. Read more »

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