Graduation/Commencement ceremonies are an optional part of the graduation process. Depending on which semester a student completes his or her degree requirements there will be various ceremony options. There are generally no graduation/commencement/convocation ceremonies held for summer or fall graduates.

Students who graduate in summer or fall semesters may attend any of the subsequent May ceremonies. Please refer to the links below for more information on each ceremony. Feel free to contact the ME/OR Graduate Office if you have questions.

Graduation Ceremony Dates

Sign up to attend six weeks in advance

Students are able to attend the Graduate School ceremony and the Engineering ceremony. If students want to attend the Engineering ceremony, contact Pam Vrabel by email six weeks prior to the ceremony you plan to attend.

  • The University-wide ceremony is held only in May and is open to all University of Texas at Austin graduates. Please note that graduate students are not hooded at this ceremony, and there is no individual recognition of graduates. Graduates from each school or college are recognized en masse.
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