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The Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering hosted its annual Mechanical Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony on September 13, 2019. This event honors nominated alumni in four different categories: Outstanding Young Mechanical Engineer, Distinguished Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Hall of Fame, and Honorary Mechanical Engineer. This year, the department honored 12 new members at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center’s Connally Ballroom at UT Austin.

Kicking off the ceremony and welcoming the attendees were Denise Elston, 2013 Honorary Mechanical Engineer; Sharon Wood, Dean of the Cockrell School of Engineering; and Rick Neptune, Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering Chair. Approximately 135 alumni, students, and staff attended the ceremony.

2019 Mechanical Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni Honorees

Sumit Singh Outstanding Young Mechanical Engineer
MS ME, 2003

W. Chase Canfield III Distinguished Mechanical Engineer
BS ME, 1975

N. Binz DeWalch Distinguished Mechanical Engineer
BS ME, 1981

Edgar Figueroa Distinguished Mechanical Engineer
BS ME, 1994

W. Casey Fox Distinguished Mechanical Engineer
BS ME, 1982
MS BME, 1984
PhD BME, 1990

Terry J. Hendricks Distinguished Mechanical Engineer
MS ME, 1979
PhD ME, 1993

Emily J. Nelson Distinguished Mechanical Engineer
BS ME, 1998

William (Bill) F. Schneider Distinguished Mechanical Engineer
BS ME, 1993

Azita Sharif Distinguished Mechanical Engineer
BS ME, 1987
MS ME, 1989

Jack F. Browder, Jr. Mechanical Engineering Hall of Fame
BS ME, 1972

Robert Viktorin Mechanical Engineering Hall of Fame
BS ME, 1981

Arumugam Manthiram Honorary Mechanical Engineer

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