AM Talks: A CAMDI Seminar Series

Friday, September 30, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: ETC 2.114

Speaker: Paul Witherell, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Measurement Science for Additive Manufacturing - Current Effots and Upcoming Opportunities


In the past decade additive manufacturing has quickly progressed as a viable production technology, shedding earlier “prototyping” stigmas. Many advancements that have led to breakthroughs have been rooted in the maturation of existing fabrication technologies, both reducing process uncertainties and improving part qualities. Measurement Science, specifically the development of the technical basis for standards, codes, and practices, has played an important role in these process maturations. This seminar will discuss current measurement science research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology that has fed directly into standards activities. It will conclude by exploring future opportunities to enrich measurement science activities in high-throughput AM production environments.



Dr. Paul Witherell is a Mechanical Engineer in the Systems Integration Division at NIST. Paul joined NIST in 2010 and serves as a Project Leader and Associate Program Manager in the Measurement Science for Additive Manufacturing Program. His primary objectives at NIST are to develop and transfer knowledge to the U.S. industry through fundamental measurement science research and resulting publications and standards. Paul’s primary areas of interest are Design and Data for Additive Manufacturing (AM), Sustainable Manufacturing, Knowledge Representation in Product Design, and Design Optimization. Paul is active ins ASME, ASTM, and ISO additive manufacturing standards development.


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