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Photo of Mitlin, David
Office Location: GLT 2.248

David Mitlin


David Allen Cockrell Professorship in Engineering

Department Research Areas:
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
Clean Energy Technology
Nano and Micro-scale Engineering

Mitlin Group

Google Scholar Profile

Mitlin is a David Allen Cockrell Endowed Professor at the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin. Prior to that, he was a Professor and General Electric Chair at Clarkson University, and an Assistant, Associate and full Professor at the University of Alberta. Dr. Mitlin has published about 150 peer-reviewed journal articles on various aspects of energy storage and conversion materials. This work is cited at near 2000 times per year. Dr. Mitlin holds 5 granted U.S. patents and 9 more pending full applications, with all of them licensed currently or in the past. He has presented 125 invited, keynote and plenary talks at various international conferences. Dr. Mitlin is an Associate Editor for Sustainable Energy and Fuels, a Royal Society of Chemistry Journal focused on renewables. Dave received a Doctorate in Materials Science from U.C. Berkeley in 2000, M.S. from Penn State in 1996, and B.S. from RPI in 1995. He grew up in upstate NY and in southern CT. 

Recent Publications

  1. Ding J, Zhang H, Zhou H, Feng J, Zheng X, Zhong C, Paek E, Hu W, Mitlin D. Sulfur‐Grafted Hollow Carbon Spheres for Potassium‐Ion Battery Anodes. Advanced Materials. 2019 Jun 3:1900429.
  2. Xu Z, Wu M, Chen Z, Chen C, Yang J, Feng T, Paek E, Mitlin D. Direct Structure–Performance Comparison of All‐Carbon Potassium and Sodium Ion Capacitors. Advanced Science. 2019 Apr 24:1802272.
  3. Liu W, Xia Y, Wang W, Wang Y, Jin J, Chen Y, Paek E, Mitlin D. Pristine or Highly Defective? Understanding the Role of Graphene Structure for Stable Lithium Metal Plating. Advanced Energy Materials. 2019 Jan;9(3):1802918.
  4. Lee B, Paek E, Mitlin D, Lee SW. Sodium Metal Anodes: Emerging Solutions to Dendrite Growth. Chemical Reviews. 2019 Apr 24.
  5. Pham VH, Boscoboinik JA, Stacchiola DJ, Self EC, Manikandan P, Nagarajan S, Wang Y, Pol VG, Nanda J, Paek E, Mitlin D. Selenium-sulfur (SeS) fast charging cathode for sodium and lithium metal batteries. Energy Storage Materials. 2019 Apr 28.
  6. Liu W, Li P, Wang W, Zhu D, Chen Y, Pen S, Paek E, Mitlin D. Directional Flow-Aided Sonochemistry Yields Graphene with Tunable Defects to Provide Fundamental Insight on Sodium Metal Plating Behavior. ACS nano. 2018 Nov 13;12(12):12255-68.
  7. Bommier C, Mitlin D, Ji X. Internal structure–Na storage mechanisms–electrochemical performance relations in carbons. Progress in Materials Science. 2018 Aug 1;97:170-203.
  8. Ding J, Hu W, Paek E, Mitlin D. Review of hybrid ion capacitors: from aqueous to lithium to sodium. Chemical reviews. 2018 Jun 28;118(14):6457-98.
  9. Xie H, Tan X, Luber EJ, Olsen BC, Kalisvaart WP, Jungjohann KL, Mitlin D, Buriak JM. β-SnSb for Sodium Ion Battery Anodes: Phase Transformations Responsible for Enhanced Cycling Stability Revealed by In Situ TEM. ACS Energy Letters. 2018 Jun 19;3(7):1670-6
  10. Ding J, Zhou H, Zhang H, Tong L, Mitlin D. Selenium Impregnated Monolithic Carbons as Free‐Standing Cathodes for High Volumetric Energy Lithium and Sodium Metal Batteries. Advanced Energy Materials. 2018 Mar;8(8):1701918.